Our Mission
Create sustainable value and manage them

Our strategic goal
To form the largest institutional quality portfolio on Russian real estate market and effectively manage them in the next 5 years.

Investment strategy
Our basic investment strategy - OPPORTUNITY with a further shift towards CORE.

Reasons for the choice of opportunity strategy
1. Experience in development of greenfield projects and, consequently, the ability to manage associated risks.
2. Actively growing market volumes. This allows developing projects with more attractive risk/return ratio.
3. Deficit of institutional quality objects on Russian market. We base our development of future real estate projects with positive net cash flow. This approach to management adds the element Core to our investment strategy.

The Opportunity strategy consists of the following steps: search of parcels, purchase, development (construction), commercialization, management/stabilization and exit. Such investment process takes 3 or 5 years depending on size and complexity of the project.

The focus of our attention is directed to the retail and logistic sectors of commercial real estate. The choice of these sectors due to their correlation and potential for growth in the next 5 years.

Our investment strategy has been developed for 5 years and it will be reviewed every year.