We are are doing our bussiness in line with the best worldwild practices in development. Our aim is to create only top tire projects. The quality of our work and the principles of our approach are proved by professionals – two projects of the group were nominated and awarded by Сommercial Real Estate (CRE) Awards (specialized real estate grant on Russian market) in 2011.

Current portfolio of the company consist of 4 existing projects: an office building in the center of Moscow, shopping center in large residential district of Moscow and two logistics complexes in Moscow region and Ufa city. There are also 5 project on development stage.

Delta-Plaza - Moscow

Status Delivered
Date of completion July 2011
Type Office center
GBA 26 150 sqm
GLA 22 179 sqm
All-in-cost US$ 103,9 mln

Viva - Moscow

Status Operating
Date of completion April 2010
Type Shopping center
GBA 29 848 sqm
GLA 22 579 sqm
All-in-cost US$ 88,1 mln

A-terminal - Podolsk

Status Operating
Date of completion September 2009
Type Multi-temperature warehouse
GBA 55,643 sqm
GLA 55,607 sqm
All-in-cost US$ 78,0 mln

Sigma - Ufa

Status Operating
Date of completion August 2010
Type Warehouse
GBA 35 857 sqm
GLA 35 857 sqm
All-in-cost US$ 35,0 mln